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piątek, 31 stycznia 2014

Wayne Herschel

Wayne Herschel, who was born in Zimbabwe in 1959 and moved to South Africa in later years, has always had a passion for the unexplained and the mysterious. In his childhood, a strange sighting of lights in the sky, which was later well publicised in the media as a mass sighting, made an indelible impression on him. Like others before him who had been privileged to experience a paranormal event, he was inspired by the realisation that we cannot possibly be alone in the universe. This would become a powerful new point of reference for him in reasoning humankind's ancient historical heritage... which remains shrouded in mystery to this very day.Many years later, in his early twenties, Wayne had another brush with the 'unexplained' in a motor cycle accident during a cross country event. He vividly recalls having had what is well documented as a so called 'near death experience'. Wayne had lost his pulse rate completely and while a medic was administering cardiovascular resuscitation, he clearly remembers looking down at what was going on and existing as consciousness... outside his body! This completely changed his attitude to life. He had experienced first hand confirmation not only that the human soul exists, but that it seems to continue... after physical life, and must therefore have a larger purpose. These two critical life experiences are the prime reason his research base would be different to that of scholars
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czwartek, 16 stycznia 2014

DOTKLIWE BANAŁY: Po długiej przerwie czas na sztukę w wykonaniu J...


Po długiej przerwie czas na sztukę w wykonaniu Janusza Jurka
: Po długiej przerwie czas na sztukę w wykonaniu Janusza Jurka. Nietuzinkowe projekty graficzne i fotograficzne. Mają w sobie coś z magii.....
Mówią, że amerykańskich więzień w Polsce nie było ? A to co jest ? Tajne więzienie CIA w Polsce. Ładny numer, co ? Stare Kiejkuty
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